Zapper Throat Spray is hands down the best sore throat remedy I have used in over twenty years of medical practice.

Dr William Kracht
Medical Director, Woodlands Healing Research Center

I have been using Zapper Throat Spray personally and recommending it to our customers and the response has been great. It’s our best selling throat spray by far. Customer satisfaction with this product is very high!

Ricardo Fuentes
Supplement Buyer, Whole Foods Market

We've sold over 400 bottles in the last year; it's our single best seller in the supplements category. I always recommend it to my customers and their families and its popularity is growing because it really works and it's a great price!

Caron Balman, CN
Supplement Buyer, Kimberton Whole Foods

I have been using Zapper Throat Spray anytime I felt a cold or virus beginning and I know it works. I recently introduced Zapper Throat Spray to patients in my practice who have gum disease. The improvement in the gum health for those using it has been most impressive. A great product!!

Seth Blitzer