Ah, May. A beautiful month for blooming flowers, comfortable weather, and stressed out college students. The end of a semester is both exciting and nerve wracking. On the one hand, only a few more weeks to push through! On the other, there is a lot of stress about due dates, studying for exams, and delivering that killer final presentation. While we can’t make you study, we can help you destress and stay healthy, keeping you in tip-top shape for the hellish week to come.

If you’ve ever gotten sick after a stressful event, it’s no coincidence. Your brain and immune system go hand-in-hand. This means that psychological upsets can result in physical symptoms. The chemical reactions triggered by stressful situations result in stress hormones being pumped around the body. Surprisingly, there is both good and bad stress. Good stress comes in fight-or-flight situations, where stress responses are necessary. However, many college students are familiar with the bad stress: chronic stress. This type of stress can cripple your immune system, making you even more susceptible to the cesspool of germs that is a college campus.

Destress and stay healthy with these tips:

Eat a healthy, filling snack.

There are few things worse than feeling hungry. Nothing is more stressful to the brain than feeling like your body is running out of nourishment. Perhaps this is where the “hangry” mood comes in. Pack a healthy, filling snack to bring to the library or study session. For the ultimate foodie destressing sesh, treat it like food meditation. Step away from your computer or notes and pay attention to the food you’re eating: how it feels and how it tastes. This helps focus your mind inward and keep you in the present.

Take a walk.

Generally, it’s good to take study breaks to let your mind recoup. Taking a short walk can help you clear your head, with an added bonus of a little exercise! In a week that may otherwise not see much physical activity, your body will take what is can get. That boost of endorphins will reduce harmful stress hormones and clear your head. Try to walk in a green space or through woods; places like these give your body a calming effect!


Breathing is not only important to staying alive, it’s also great for nourishing the body. Slow, deep breaths will reduce tension and relieve stress. Deep breathing stimulates the parasympathetic reaction in the nervous system, which helps us to calm down. Try some of these breathing exercises. Next time the thoughts of all the upcoming due dates and exams come spiraling through your head, sit back, close your eyes, and breathe. Even just one minute of deep breathing can make all the difference.

Go to your happy place.

Visualize yourself in a peaceful scene - wherever and whatever makes you happy. Research shows that “guided imagery” can elicit a relaxation response. Step away from your computer and phone, sit yourself down somewhere comfortable, and take a few minutes to find your happy place.

Get kissing.

It’s true! kissing has many health benefits! It can relieve stress by helping your brain release endorphins. Plus, it helps reduce blood pressure and eliminate headaches. When you have a headache, possibly the last thing you want is someone kissing you, but think again! The blood vessel dilation brought on by kissing can really help ease your pain. Especially for this one, don’t forget to use the best throat spray, Everyday Throat Spray, to keep your breath staying fresh! Need someone to kiss? Check out our blog on the best and worst free dating apps.

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