Everyday Throat Spray is a great wingman - whether it is by giving you fresh breath during intimate moments or helping you find the best free dating site. Everyone is looking for something different, hookups or real relationships, which means the best dating site for one person may not be the best for someone else. If you’re looking for a real relationship, here are our rankings of the top free dating apps, ranked from most sketchy to most rewarding:


This is the hookup app that changed the game. Rather than taking the time to get to know someone by reading their profile, Tinder is entirely based on how attractive you find the person in their pictures. Find someone unattractive? Swipe left to pass. If you think someone is a hottie, swipe right to potentially match with them. If that person also found you attractive, you are both listed as a match and can being chatting with each other. Because people can swipe through 100 people in under five minutes, Tinder is more of a quantity over quality situation where most people are looking for booty calls. With that being said, real relationships have been known to form from Tinder. However, finding a person not just looking for a hookup on this site is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Sketchiness: 5/5


After the flood of apps like Tinder, OkCupid has really leaned into advertising how people using their site make connections based on your interests and beliefs rather than what you look like. Similar to most traditional paid sites, such as eHarmony and Match, OkCupid has you set up a profile with pretty standard information, answer a couple questions, and post a couple pictures. Then, you will get matches every day of people who are supposedly the best options for you in your area. If you are interested in learning more about a person, you can message them, and if you aren’t interested, you don’t have to take any action. However, people you aren’t interested in can message you, which can be annoying when someone is persistent. Maybe it’s just our experience, but it seems like there are a lot of really pushy people, so feel free to block them if you have to.Sketchiness: 3/5


While Bumble seems just as superficial as Tinder, it has a special twist where only the girl can message the guy first. Not saying all guys are bad, but the app was created to try to begin more meaningful relationships that start with “respect and equality.” However, Bumble didn’t just stop at a dating app. They also have Bumble BFF - perfect for people who moved to a new place or are just looking for some new friends - and Bumble Bizz, which is designed for finding a new career, meeting new people, and finding a mentor. All of these subsections of Bumble have a series of pictures as well as some general information about the person, and the matches are based entirely on that. When you match with the person, you can message them and begin a new relationship - whether it is for dating, friendship, or work!Sketchiness: 2/5

Plenty of Fish

Launched in 2003, Plenty of Fish claims to be the best dating site for having conversations. Once you sign up for a profile, you take an in-depth chemistry test that explores many different facets of your personality and beliefs to help you build a real emotional connection. Oddly, they also breakdown your “relationship needs,” which tells you what you need in a relationship, how you’ve screwed up in the past, and an action plan to make your next relationship successful. Some people find this corny. Others find it really helpful, so you can be the judge. Either way, you receive matches every day, and you can decide who you want to message and who you don’t. Same thing as OkCupid though - people you aren’t interested in can message you, so feel free to press the block button. We know several people who have met their husbands and wives on Plenty of Fish, so it seems to be promising.Sketchiness: 1/5

Maybe you want to only try one of these apps - maybe you want to try them all. Regardless of what option you choose, don’t forget to prepare yourself for whatever your meetups bring! Wear something that makes you feel your best, brush your hair, and keep Everyday Throat Spray on hand in case things get intimate. Be your freshest self just by using a spray or two of our throat spray!