40 Cringeworthy Moments to Have Bad Breath

Whether people admit it or not, everyone has situations in their life where they get bad breath at inopportune times. We promise you, these moments happen to everyone, which is why we made Everyday Throat Spray to not only keep you healthy but eliminate bad breath. Luckily, the bottle is small enough that you can carry it with you and slip in a couple spritzes without killing the mood. Everyday Throat Spray is great for bad breath moments like when...

  1. You just woke up.
  2. Your partner just woke up.
  3. Your partner just woke up and (s)he wants to get frisky.
  4. You want to get frisky.
  5. You’re on the bus or train, and you can smell your own breath.
  6. You got to work, and forgot to brush your teeth.
  7. You got to work, and your breakfast was stinkier than usual.
  8. You have to run into a meeting.
  9. You’re in a meeting and sitting next to the coworker who just ate curry.
  10. You’re in a meeting, and you just had curry.
  11. You have to give a presentation.
  12. You have a serious case of dry mouth.
  13. You haven’t drank water in a while and your breath is as dry as the desert.
  14. You drank a lot of coffee.
  15. You ate something with a ton of onion.
  16. You ate something with a ton of garlic.
  17. You haven’t eaten all day.
  18. You have a hot date, and you’re ready to start making moves.
  19. You have a hot date, and you’re ready to move in for the kiss.
  20. You’re getting ready to say goodbye to the person you like.
  21. You did some heavy drinking last night.
  22. You’ve been drinking, and you don’t want your parents to know.
  23. You’re so hungover you feel like you want to die.
  24. You see a hottie in the bar.
  25. You went home with a hottie from the bar, and you know things are about to get hot and heavy.
  26. You woke up next to a hottie from the bar, and you realize you have to meet your parents for brunch so there’s no time to go home and freshen up.
  27. The hottie from the bar wants to go for round two, but (s)he’s got a serious case of bad breath.
  28. You slept over at a friend’s house and don’t have access to your toothbrush.
  29. You had an unexpected visitor and haven’t had time to freshen up.
  30. You were working out at the gym and feel dehydrated.
  31. You’re super stressed out about something, and you’re sweating more than usual.
  32. You’re an actor or singer, and you’re getting ready to sing a duet with someone.
  33. You’re an actor, and you’re getting ready to do the kissing scene.
  34. You’re a dancer or figure skater, and you’re about to get up close and personal with your partner.
  35. You had a long flight.
  36. You admittedly have poor dental hygiene, but you’re about to have a close conversation with someone.
  37. You’re congested and have become a mouth breather.
  38. You’re a smoker but don’t want to gross people out.
  39. You have morning sickness.
  40. You have no idea why, but you have a sneaking suspicion your breath may be really terrible but no one is gutsy enough to tell you, so you feel like you need to take care of it before you get the reputation of being the person at school, at home, at the gym, or at the office with bad breath.

Rather than suffering through these moments wishing you had brushed your teeth or had time to freshen up, get Everyday Throat Spray to eliminate bad breath without interrupting the mood. Pop it in your purse, leave it in your car, or keep it on your nightstand to keep the ~intimate~ moments going! Buy yours today.